Supercharging Impact Ventures

Hatch CoLab empowers entrepreneurs to build Impact Ventures that solve Humanity’s Grand Challenges and drive sustainable change.

We are driven by our desire to be a positive force in the world, measuring success through collective sustainable impact towards Humanity’s Grand Challenges (HGCs).

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It’s hard to be an entrepreneur. It’s not sexy. It’s not glamorous. It’s not conducive to “work-life balance” and it’s rarely friendly to your bank account. To be an entrepreneur is to be acquainted with failure. To be relentlessly optimistic. To be fearlessly committed to realizing your dream.

Amongst this subset of humanity are a select few who build ventures that solve the grand challenges of humanity and help shape a sustainable future.

You are the entrepreneurs of Hatch CoLab.

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Our team was founded upon the same criteria by which we select our entrepreneurs. Courage. Tenacity. Mission. Results. We’re grounded by our desire to be a positive force in the world, and we excel at driving change.

While we stand united in purpose, we acknowledge that every entrepreneur and venture is different. That’s why we provide early stage support, access to networks, and individualized coaching to grow your impact venture. We use the term coach because we function as a team. When you win, we win, and ultimately, so does humanity.

We are pioneering a new approach to empowering entrepreneurs to build and scale impact ventures.

We are Hatch CoLab.

Hatch CoLab is pioneering a new approach to incubation and acceleration programs for entrepreneurs looking to build and scale impact ventures.


We supercharge through unparalleled network, unfair advantages and a dedicated impact program with no equity stake tailored  to meet the needs of individual entrepreneurs, whom we call Hatchers.


Our team of venture experts and mentors work closely with Hatchers to ensure their visions for change can move forward. Together, we provide access to extensive global networks and community connections.


In addition to world class programs to supercharge entrepreneurs, we support them via long term commitment and the community we have built around us.


Hatch is hosted at Fusion’s main Campus in Geneva. Home to a thriving entrepreneurial & technology driven community Fusion has created the perfect conditions for global shapers and ventures to thrive.

Our Mentors

Jes Bailey

Founder at
Crowdfund 360

Michael Geer

Chief Strategy Officer at

Eitan Katz


Miguel R.Brandão

Founder and CEO at CORKBRICK

Lee Greene

Co-Founder and CEO at Stuward

Marina Krawczyk

Founder of the Financial Innovation Lab, Global Philanthropy at UNICEF

Jasmeet Sehmi

Social Entrepreneurship & Impact Investment

Luca Merolla

Angel Investor at Go Beyond Investing

Brent O. Phillips

Project Manager at Humanitarian AI and Innovation Manager at OneRelief

Luís R. Álvares

Director Forest Solutions at WBCSD

Rasha Oudeh


Alan T. Kummerman

Co-Founder at GreenCrowdFunder

Stefany Barker

Business Development at Palantir

Asif A. Kabani

Founder & CEO at Next Generation Leaders and Fellow at the UN

Eric Postler

Innovation Manager at KPT/CPT & Partner at Wallpari

Pierre Champsavoir

Founder at COREUM & Risk Management expert

Gilles Baudet

User Experience Principal at ELCA Informatique

Marc-Olivier Roux

Founder & Principal Consultant at the ripple effect

Julien Weissenberg

Founder at VisualSense AI, Co-founder at Free Walk Switzerland & Global Shaper at World Economic Forum

Kevin Kyer

EVP Search at Linius Technologies Ltd & Board Advisor at GIVEWATTS

Sara Traubel

Sustainability Consultant & facilitator in Water stewardship & Corporate sustainability

DJ Forza

Head of Partnerships & Development at Geneva Call

Anna Kopacz

Communication Specialist, Tropical Forest Alliance 2020 at World Economic Forum

Maël Redard-Jacot

Market Analyst at FIND

Giselle Frederick

Founder at Zingr & Director at Carisun Consulting

Thierry Renaud

Director, Impact and Sustainability at MAVA Foundation

Karin Jestin

Strategic Philanthropy Advisor at Philanthropic & Humanitarian Initiatives

Keith Norbert

Associate Director at Skye Consolidated Limited

Zoran Bjelic

Product Manager at BAM & Fundraising Manager at BE YOU NETWORK

Yannick Burky

Entrepreneur & Former founder at Virtua SA

Contact us to receive periodic updates on our progress and impact.

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Our Team

Sara Usinger


Tyler Rychlewski

Director of Education & Healthcare Hatching

Lorenzo Niola

Head of Ecosystem

Susana Oliveira

Program Manager

Adela Villanueva


Marc Elias


Phuong Do

Special Mission Support

Olga Semeshina

Mission Support

Connor Brooks

Mission Support

Hatch CoLab Council

David Rychlewski 

President of Foundation Council

Sal Matteis

Founding Partner &
Vice President

Stu Porter

Founder & CEO
of Denham Capital

Paul Winters

General Counsel & CCO
of Denham Capital

Guillaume Dubray

Managing Partner
of Polytech Ventures


We call the contributors to our impact mission “investors” as they are critical members of our team and share our vision for a future where impact ventures are respected as essential and effective partners in creating a more equal, humane, and sustainable world.

When contributing to Hatch, our investors serve as mentors/coaches in whatever capacity they can, taking an active stake in the Hatch mission.

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Our fellows


Hatch CoLab is on the lookout for entrepreneurs committed to solving humanity’s grand challenges and driving sustainable change. We focus on impact ventures in the startup and early operational phases, but in some cases, we accept entrepreneurs with just a great idea who need some care and feeding to launch a great venture.


We evaluate our applicants based on the impact, scalability and sustainability of their venture, the need for their product or service, and commitment to their vision. Our Hatchers commit to a 12 month program with periods of residence in Geneva.

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Our partners

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Interested in becoming a Hatch Mentor or Hatcher? Please send us an email at to learn more.


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