What is all the buzz about? #Hatchers2018 in the Media

By April 16, 2019Hatchers, Press

As a key element of information dissemination, education and mobilization, press has a crucial role.

And we can definitely see a trend in the growing press coverage and social media posts about companies committed to solving Humanity’s Grand Challenges and creating a positive impact in society.

But successful media coverage takes a lot of time and effort and if you’re part of a young company, you need to be sure that the resources you are allocating will allow you to meet specific goals. So ask yourself: is the press relevant to raise awareness, increase sales, get customers, partners or to help you build your reputation?

Whatever your focus is, here’s the Golden Tip:

It’s all about story-telling.

So don’t forget to customize your press outreach to each audience type and journalist, in the end the best relationship is the one of a win-win situation.

If like us, news are just part of your daily routine and you’re curious to learn more about what people across the globe are saying about the #Hatchers 2018/2019, you came to the right place.


*What is all the buzz about?*

Enabling NGOs to offer peer-to-peer cash transfer services to refugees.

Hint: Blockchain-based Platform for Peer-to-Peer Financial Services

Featured in:


A Sustainable Currency for Planet Earth.

Hint: Crypto Rewards for Sustainable Behaviours

Featured in:

Elevating Perspectives.

Hint: Drones, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Plastic Detection

Featured in:

Co-creating conscious, sustainable change.

Hint: Solar-Electrifying Rainforest Communities

Featured in:


Building the world’s most entrepreneurial movement to unlock top-universities for underprivileged students.

Hint: Tech-Enabled Mentoring Program

Featured in:



Fostering transparency, measurement, and community for development projects.

Hint: Blockchain-based platform to Track Sustainable Projects in the Emerging World

Featured in:


Making traveling sustainable again.

Hint: A Platform Bringing Together Fair Travelers and Fair Spots.

Featured in:

Audible Knowledge for Illiterate Rural Women.

Hint: Solar-powered MP3 Players and Mobile Web Applications for Health Dissemination

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